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72 Little Moments | My Second Childhood
An age regression line poem. 2 min read.
I am sad.
My feet can no longer reach the pedals of my Corvette.
The clock in my room is ticking very loudly.
They are quarreling downstairs.
I ask for soup. It doesn’t have much taste.
The shower is weak.
I do not want to look at myself in the mirror.
My kid brother’s T-shirt billows like a tent over me.
An infant sneezes at the doctor’s waiting room.
Cold carbolic fingers poke at my pudgy body.
He says that I no longer need to wear glasses.
They search for a booster seat in the cafeteria.
All I can see are legs and torsos.
Fresh coffee is on the table, but I can’t have any.
I squeak in a baby-doll Kewpie voice.
Everyone is laughing at me.
I am weary.
My kid brother said I look sweet and vulnerable like a chicken.
The wrinkled old woman in the park tousles my hair with her leathery hands.
I stop to watch a cross-eyed calico cat chase white butterflies.
His scooter has bright orange flames on the handlebars.
:iconarstories:ARstories 10 18
TftW: Po-sitivity.
TftW: Po-sitivity.
Po (Kung Fu Panda) TF/MC
This is based on personal experiences and inspired by whiny comments that don’t make any sense whatsoever except to the people who made said comment.   This also involves a bit of satire.
There are some people that question everything and make lame comments that come across as whiny and nonsensical as in they don’t make any sense to anyone else except them,  these kinds of people are well...tryhards that don’t even know what humor is.   Take for example the character in today’s story,   named Andrew Harrison aka Gorillaboy54,  he was known for being a complete stiff with no sense of humor whatsoever.
He came across a picture Nathan did of current ‘president’  Donald Trump as an anthro tabby with fluffy ears and posted the most nonsensical comment in the history of nonsensical comments.  His comment?  ‘Delete this’.   Why?
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 2
A Father's Debt (Bernadette Hedgehog TF/TG)
    Tears still in his eyes, the man walked away from the graveyard where his wife and son were. He couldn’t believe they were both gone. Torn away from him, before he had a chance to do anything for them… it was absolutely maddening. After all the plans they’d made… all the promises he’d made to them… all the things he said they were going to do. But all that was over now. The plans were ruined, the promises were broken… everything had completely fallen apart. All because of a single car ride.
    Everything had been perfect, too. It had been a beautiful day… the sun was shining, the sky was clear, the air was warm, and there was a genuine feeling of excitement in the air. Why wouldn’t there be? After all, the man was finally going to be spending some quality time with his family for the first time in months… possibly even years. His job paid well, well enough for him to support his family…
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 13 11
severus snape TG chap 1
Its was on that afternoon after winter brake, when James potter pulled his three friends into the broom closet to show them something.
"its muto secus" he held up the dark bottle proudly.
Remus lupin took it from him. he had to much experience with James and Sirius then to take small bottles lightly.
"well?" Remus asked the others.
It seemed as he had walking on inside joke as the others were now giggling.
"Its a TG Potion, Moony," Sirus said shrilly.
Peter pettigrew reached for the bottle.
"This is powerful, right James? right?"
James nodded. It was silent in the room for a short time. Then the same idea seemed to be forming inside James and sirius's heads.
"snivly," they said together with evil grins.
Peter claped his hands and started to jump up and down.
"You two are nuts," Remus moaned unhapply.
"Come on, moony. just a bit of fun. thats all," Sirius said.
"Right it only lasts a day," James looked at Peter who looked about ready to faint with joy.
"Sides, if we dont, Peter will nev
:iconwhatsthisrubbish:whatsthisrubbish 2 7
Blanket TF Begining
Sighing, I got up and left the restaurant.  It was supposed to be a 'traditional English pub' supplanted into the suburbs of an American town, but it was anything but a traditional British pub.  In fact I'd go as far as saying it was downright tacky with the horrible food that bore no relation to that which you could get back home and the grating faux-cockney accents put on by the staff which sounded more Australian than what it was supposed to sound like (not that its inspiration sounded at all pleasant to begin with).  My head hung low, I shuffled out of the 'pub' and into the street.
I'd signed up for the University exchange programme because back home I'd been stuck in a rut.  Every day was practically the same – get up early, go into uni, work all day or work part of the day with big gaps between lectures with nothing much to do, then go home and collapse in front of the TV or computer (assuming there wasn't any homework to do that day)
:icondinadan-ermorfea:Dinadan-Ermorfea 5 7
Mature content
The genetic park :iconmalagua:MaLAgua 190 182
Cursed Costume Party
"Hmm, what's this?" I said bending down to pick the letter up off the mat.  The envelope had a faint shimmer to it.  Cautiously, I opened it, and a blue card fell out.  Picking up the card, I read the gold writing in fancy script.  "A party?  Hmm, it's not really my thing, but might as well – not as if I've got anything better to do.  Besides, Keegan and Kelly are hosting it, so it should be fun."  Turning the card over, I read the details.  "A fancy dress party?  Huh, haven't got anything to wear to that.  Wonder where I could get a costume at such short notice?"  Setting the card down, I picked up the envelope to go throw it out, when a second card slipped out.  Picking it up, I read "Need a costume?  Then try AKEA's Brand New range of partywear."  I thought it over for a few seconds "Hmm, I really shouldn't, but it's not like I'
:icondinadan-ermorfea:Dinadan-Ermorfea 177 87
The Genetic Park 5 part 2
The Genetic Park 5 part 2
I stood there, watching Leo, a "friend" of mine, who just a few minutes ago tried to rape me. He was now lying on the ground as all his body was cramping and twitching. All thanks to the injection which was meant to be for me.
Tears started building inside, tears of anger, that moron has been a jerk all this time, assaulted Eva and attacked me, and to top it all, he almost forced me to have sex with him. I was already pissed at what how my stay in this park was getting its turn for worst, ever since I saw Eva and Scott kissing at the docks. I woke up to find blood trickling from my groin and a constant pain in my abdomen, which came and went from time to time. My only hope to improve my day was to get the additional serum. But I had to use it on Leo, after allowing both Scott and Eva to flee from there. Now I had lost my chance and probably I wasn't getting her back. I so wanted to head there and beat the pulp out of him.
"What have you done to me?!" yelled Le
:iconmalagua:MaLAgua 53 78
Toy Maker Ch 2
"I'll get the mail, mom!" Nate shouts up at his mom, while walking out the front door. Nate reaches the mailbox, opens it, reaches for the mail, before getting hit in the back of the head. Last thing Nate saw was his mailbox coming towards his head, but they collide.
Nate awoke, standing. First things he notice, he was what looked like a mannequin warehouse. Everywhere around him, was a mannequin. The next thing Nate noted was a small table in front of him, with various tools, and mannequin parts on it. The last thing Nate notes, which he thought was important, something hard, and stuck to the floor was going up his butt, restricting his movements. "Ow!" Nate says, trying to get off it, but having no luck. He reaches down, and feels cool metal against his hands. "A pole?" He wonders out loud. He hears movement from behind some mannequins, and goes quiet.
A young man, about the same age as Nate, walks over. He appeared sickly, although his blue eyes appeared full of energy, and hatred.
:iconphoenixdaimon:PhoenixDaimon 20 19
Tails Bulbasaur Adventure
Tails paced back and forth through his lab. The young fox was becoming restless his best friend sonic was currently out and about explore some of the far reaches of Mobius.  The good doctor Eggman was currently in hiding, "Probably still licking his wounds. I almost wish he would launch another gambit to take over the world. Then I would have something to do. "
Tails looked around his workshop, which was littered with half completed inventions and random tools.
He picked on his most recent invention the vortex manipulator. The device in theory was supposed to allow a person to travel instantaneously from point A to point B. Point B being anywhere in space and time. However he had no success and soon lost interest in the project.
The Fox slowly made his way over to his computer grumbling about his apparent dry spell. Maybe something on the internet would banish his boredom.
"Tails you have 300 new messages," his computer chimed.
"Damn spammers," Tails muttered.
"Would you like
:iconkayllik:Kayllik 7 6
One Size Fits All
WARNING: Version 7 has been known to cause damage to PC's from frustrated uploaders.
One Size Fits All
Desmond Fallout
"What do you think of this one?"
"Too tacky."
"This would probably clash with our cuff links."
"Dude, you're not even looking at it!"
"Hm?" JT looked up from his PSP at his fellow teenager. Boredom was plastered over his face, showing no interest in the suit under discussion. "I'm still saying this is a waste of time and money, Kent."
The blond haired boy sighed, draping the suit across JTs arms before video games could reclaim priority. "Come on, man, its prom. Don't you want to graduate saying you at least tried?"
"I'd rather play that Halo:ODST tournament." Shutting off his game, JT stared at the garment forced upon him. A pretty standard button up suit, given that he did not care about its distinct looks from the rest of the hanging samples. Still, it would make a good blend in with the crowd. JT considered his options for a second before giving Ke
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 125 36
A Cats Vengeance 1-??
WARNING: Please keep all catgirls inside their kennels for the duration of the flight.
       It was not until they had left that Josh noticed the crate. How anyone had missed it over the course of the day was baffling. Sure it was only about two or three cubic feet, but it was also the only thing on an empty pallet. There was even more confusion to its lack of shipping information or serial numbers. Double checking today's order forms offered no clues either. All the stuff that was supposed to arrive had been accounted for. Josh himself had overseen a majority of those.
"Hey, Kenneth, any idea what this is from?" he called over to the little cubical that served as a security guards station.
After a bit of shuffling and some static from what he knew was a portable TV, Josh saw the head of a man emerge over the miniature wall. A face Josh had become familiar with, having shared company with his night guard for years. In fact, Kenneth had been working t
:icondesmondfallout:Desmondfallout 92 14
Mature content
Mutate Pilot A- Escape :icontompokenutter:tompokenutter 14 54
Mature content
Bruce VS The Weregrinch part 1 :iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 0
Chuck Simian
Action star Chuck Norris was widely known for being a badass on a regular basis,  so much so that there were many stories people all over the internet had made up about him during things like slaying Medusa.     Chuck wasn't afraid of anything and he could take on almost enemy,  in fact the only one person he couldn't fight was Evil Dead star and B-Movie icon Bruce Campbell,  and that's because the two of them were in fact friends.
Chuck was in his trailer one night preparing for another appearance at a fan convention when a mysterious package arrived.
"Ah...a package.   I wonder it could be."  
Chuck picked up the package and took it into the trailer with him,  he opened it and put in on the table beside him.   
It was a talisman with a picture of a monkey-like character dressed in a star fleet captain's uniform and carrying laser riffles in both his hands and feet.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 3 25
Mature content
Pokemon Sara Flareon TG :iconfakenameyfakenamey:fakenameyfakenamey 68 13



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